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Daniel Cheong

Daniel Cheong's photo

Straight out of the camera is a concept which I am not familiar with. I don't pretend to show reality, but an idealized version of it.”, says Daniel Cheong.

Daniel was born in Mauritius, originally of Chinese descent, and French by nationality.  His job in the telecom industry requires him to frequently travel to multiple destinations including France, USA, Japan, Singapore, although he lives in Dubai currently. Daniel has always loved photography, but only became serious about it when he bought his first DSLR in Singapore, back in 2006. He joined Flickr around that time, where he discovered the world of High Dynamic Range photography.

Daniel then aimed to perfect the technique of Digital Blending, which consists of manually blending multiple bracketed exposures in order to obtain the maximum dynamic range, while trying to keep a very natural look and avoiding the common mistake of many 'overcooked' HDR images. This slight element of the surreal, or hyper reality often found in painting is what he is trying to achieve.

Daniel is a "rooftopper" who finds the city most appealing when it is shot from the highest vantage points, particularly at the 'Blue Hour'.