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We make a distinction between canvas stretching and canvas framing, where canvas stretching only refers to stretching a canvas on a wooden structure. When this is done the canvas is ready to hang, without a frame around it. This approach is often liked for its simplicity and lightness of style.

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Types of Canvas Framing


Normal framing involves placing a frame all around a stretched canvas. The choice of frame depends on the depth of the stretching wood. It's crucial for the stretched canvas to maintain symmetry; otherwise, it must undergo re-stretching onto a new wooden structure. This framing method is commonly used for canvas paintings, canvas prints, and fabric paintings.


The floating frame is widely regarded as the optimal and most commonly chosen framing solution for canvases. In this method, the stretched canvas rests atop the frame with a deliberate gap between the canvas's edge and the frame's edge, typically measuring between 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm, creating an overall floating effect. Both the depth and width of floating frames are typically constrained, necessitating careful consideration of the stretching depth to align with the inner depth of the frame. When dealing with pre-stretched canvases, it becomes imperative to assess the depth and symmetry of the stretching wood. This framing technique is commonly employed for various mediums including canvas paintings, canvas prints, and fabric paintings.


Stretching canvas on a wooden structure is an ideal method for constructing canvas artwork. The choice of stretching wood size depends on the canvas dimensions, with commonly used depths ranging from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm. For extra-large canvases, it is advisable to utilize deeper wooden structures, ranging from 3 cm to 5.5 cm. This method is commonly employed for both canvas paintings and canvas prints, providing stability and support to the artwork.


This is a special framing method for stretched canvas, where the canvas is attached to a background mount with the support of an MDF backing. Then, all these components are affixed to a floating frame, creating a museum-quality framing solution.

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Explore our online framing service and discover the quality of frames for your artworks. Each frame is expertly crafted using quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Our frames are designed to enhance and protect your artwork, preserving its beauty for years to come.