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Standard Framing


Standard framing as we call it is the most usual way of framing paper works such as drawings, prints, photographs, or posters. Select a mount board (passe-partout), white, off-white, or colorful to place all around the picture, and a frame profile, and we’ll do the rest. We will happily recommend . . . Read More >

Types of Standard Framing


Standard framing without border typically involves framing a picture using a fiber frame, often made of synthetic material, paired with standard glass. Alternatively, wooden frames can be used instead of fiber frames, and various options exist for the type of glass, including acrylic sheet, matte glass, 70% UV glass, and 99% UV glass. This type of framing is commonly employed for paper picture framing, with quality levels ranging from Basic to Museum quality. It is frequently utilized for framing paper artworks, watercolor artworks, posters, photos, family photos, and even papyrus.


When framing a picture using fiber frames, mount sheets, and standard glass, there's an alternative option of using wooden frames. Additionally, instead of standard glass, alternatives such as acrylic sheets, matte glass, 70% UV glass, or 99% UV glass can be used. The border of the frame is typically made of mount sheets, also known as Passepartout, which resemble thin cardboard and come in various colors. This type of framing is commonly used for paper picture framing, ranging in quality from basic to museum-grade. It's ideal for framing paper artworks, watercolor pieces, posters, photos, family portraits, and even papyrus.


Double glass framing is commonly used for framing pictures, particularly for artworks on paper such as watercolors, posters, family photos, and even papyrus. This method is often chosen to allow viewing of any information, or details mentioned on the backside of the artwork.

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