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Art Consultancy

by Monda Gallery

Why Choose Us?

At Monda Gallery Art Consulting services, our art consultants are here to guide you. We pick pieces with care, combining quality and the latest trends. Each artwork we choose reflects great taste and cultural importance. Count on our team for a simple and expert art experience.

Our Services

Our art consulting service is here to help you pick the perfect artwork, whether it's for your home, office, hotels, or any other space you want to enhance. From cafes to clinics, we work with you to curate a collection that suits your style and creates the atmosphere you're aiming . . . Read More >

Our services include:

Art Acquisition and Curation

  • Sourcing, selecting, and procuring art pieces
  • Curating and acquiring custom-made artworks
  • Providing curatorial services for personalized collections
  • Organizing and cataloging existing art collections
  • Managing the coordination and selection of custom framing

Project Management

  • Ensuring the seamless delivery and installation of both new and existing art
  • Offering comprehensive project management services for art installations and exhibits

Additional Services

  • Crafting unique corporate gifts through art selections

Our Process

  1. Consultation and Discovery:
    Begin with a thorough discussion to understand your style and preferences. This ensures a tailored approach to curating art that suits your taste and objectives.
  2. Artistic Exploration and Research:
    Engage in exploring the art scene to identify pieces and artists that resonate with your project.
  3. Curated Presentation:
    Present homogeneous options of curated artworks for you to select.
  4. Acquisition or Commissioning:
    When needed we commission pieces to perfectly match the desired theme, style and sizes.
  5. Framing and Installation:
    We handle framing where applicable as well as of course hanging and installation, until full project completion.