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Art for the Office

Monda Gallery currently offers free design consultations in Dubai, and will send a designer to meet you in your place, understand your requirements and reply with propositions of themes and artworks suiting your needs and budget. We typically take pictures of your place and embed propositions in them, so you can visualize the end-result and discuss options internally.

Office decoration examples

Contacts:  T:   -   E: Projects@MondaGallery.com

When applicable we handle the creation of artworks based on your input, such as product pictures or team photos, and we offer solutions based on a wide range of artworks available in our collection and in the collections of partner galleries - as long as they suit your unique requirements.

Often photographs are an obvious choice, because they are less contentious than paintings or art prints and we can offer a wide range of Dubai cityscape images, Dubai landscape pictures, or UAE heritage images, depending on the vibe your office should convey.

For the reception area, large Dubai cityscape pictures are often a great choice for the Dubai office of a multinational company. On the other hand, home-grown companies with many years of operations in Dubai will appreciate showcasing UAE heritage pictures and images reflecting the local industrial fabric.


UAE Heritage Photography

Another popular option consists of showing local landscape images. This can be an attractive option for offices sitting in the middle of an urban jungle, where cityscapes are available to see by simply looking out the window.


Abstract photography and abstract art-prints can also be considered. Color schemes should match the desired company culture and atmosphere, all points which our designers will discuss with you.

Abstract photography

Other options to consider: 

 T:           E: Projects@MondaGallery.com