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Welcome to MONDA Gallery


We hope that you are enjoying the artworks available in MONDA Gallery's collection. Call us at +971. if you need help, have questions, are looking for something specific (or not!)... let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

MONDA is based in Dubai and our team members have roots from Europe and Asia. We aim to offer an eclectic collection of works from the Middle-East and Asia primarily, in a variety of mediums (originals, fine art prints, photography), and at a variety of price points, enabling everyone to discover an artist or an artwork to their taste.

The vast majority of artworks in the collection are exclusive to MONDA Gallery, and the collection keeps growing. So you may want to subscribe to our newsletter or like our Facebook page in order to stay informed whenever we have new works available.

Our fine art and photos prints can primarily be viewed, ordered and picked-up in Dubai Mall (see below - Kinokuniya) while our originals collection can be browsed here (online) with a selection exhibited throughout the Sofitel The Palm Resort and Spa.

Sofitel The Palm is also where we hold regular exhibitions. Among them, a photo exhibition by Daniel Cheong and Beno Saradzic entitled "Dubai from Dawn to Dusk - A Real Mirage" was held in 2016, followed by "Light & Love in the 99 Names of Allah" by Art Noor, and Peace with Nature by Sara Nimer.

We ship to the world and offer a 14 day money back guarantee from the day of reception, allowing you to return any artwork at no cost, no question asked.



* Kinokuniya Book World (DUBAI MALL - 2nd floor)

Current entrance art wall at Kinokuniya Book World:


If you do not find what you are looking for at the entrance wall, check-out Kinokuniya's art section at Counter E, at the very end of the store. The Counter E / Art Staff will help you as required:


* Sofitel The Palm (The PALM JUMEIRAH - right after The Atlantis Hotel)

Please click here for more information.



Fine art and photo prints are available in multiple sizes which we have named mini, small, medium, large, extra-large and ... super-large. Editions are strictly limited for each size, with typically a lesser number of editions available for larger sizes. As an exception, minis (8 x 10 inches) are numbered open editions.

You may choose to purchase your prints as you prefer on fine art paper or canvas, however we recommend canvas from the medium or large size and above to avoid the inconvenience of glass reflection on larger artworks. 



All our framed prints are delivered with custom-made hard-wood frame. By default our frames are black with a snow-white mount. However many other options are available, starting with white and brown wood. Please mention your preference when placing your order, or contact us beforehand. We can assist you in choosing the custom frame that best matches your own environment.



We typically deliver within 15 days worldwide.

Artworks up to 50 x 50 cm in size are usually packed "flat", and artworks beyond these dimensions are by default shipped rolled in a tube, including original works.

Return is free of charge within 14 days of reception, for whichever reason, no questions asked.


We can be reached by email at Contact@MondaGallery.com and by phone at +971.


Happy browsing!


The MONDA Gallery team