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Edilson Elio Barbosa


Born in Brazil in 1965 and painting since the age of 12, Edilson Elio Barbosa is a globally recognized artist, well known for his ability to create scenes, still lives and landscapes with exceptional accuracy, harmony and lighting.

Following a personal passion for the orient with his old street markets and carpet sellers, Edilson has developed over the years a multitude of oriental scenes, and is therefore known as an orientalist, even though his work does not limit itself to this subject.

In 2015, Edilson brought to the Middle East some of his most recent works, which include a “Gulf Desert Sunset”, a “Gulf Seascape”, a “Souk”, “Carpet Sellers”, and an “Oriental Market Scene”, among others. This collection of original artworks is available for collectors and investors through Authentique Art & Design gallery in Dubai, while MONDA Gallery is distributing limited edition prints of these works.

Earlier in 2010, Edilson’s paintings had already been shown in the Middle East through five solo exhibitions namely in Doha (Qatar), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Damascus (Syria), and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). In the Western world, his work was exhibited in Paris (2005), Louvre Paris (2011 and 2013), Vienna (2006), Rome (2006, 2009, 2012), London (2007, 2015), New York (2010) and many other places.

Edilson is a dynamic promoter of the arts, acting as President and Effective member of the National Academy of Fine Arts (ANAP) and Honoris Causa member of the ABBA, in Brazil, as well as honor member of Art academies AIAM (Rome); FIAPE (Barcelona) and AIAP/UNESCO (Paris).

He is also recipient of several distinctions, among them the Great Cross of the Order of the Fine Arts Merit and Degree of Commendator (Brazil); First Prize at the International Exhibition in Barcelona (Spain); Grand Gold Medal in the XXXIII Official Salon of Val d'Or (France, 2005); Gold and Silver Medals and twice winner of the Gold TROPHY MEDUSA - XXIX, XXXII, XXXV and XXXVI Editions (Rome 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2013), the most important award of the Italian Academy in Rome, with the participation of Artists from 17 countries.

In 2014 Edilson received in Miami (USA) the awards "Top Five International Master Artists” and “ATIM’s top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art” featuring as front cover on ArtTour International Magazine, as recognition of his excellence and his contribution in the arts.