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Noreen Mulla

“Colours are the protagonists in my story and I give them free rein to entice, enthral and enlighten my audience,” says artist Noreen A I. She applies layers upon layers of colors with intricate brush-strokes to accentuate the mood or atmosphere of her subjects. Noreen A I  has mastered depiction of nature with its ever changing landscapes and seasons done in impressionism style. Whether she uses forceful or subtle brushstrokes her artworks are vibrant and striking sagas of hues.

India, USA, Europe, UAE or South East Asia, Noreen has lived and travelled in all these shores giving her a keen understanding of diverse cultures and shifting landscapes. The subjects of her artworks constantly speak of the places she visited. 
She attained Bachelor of Fine Arts from JMI, New Delhi, India. Following which, in 2004, She graduated with Master of Science in Mass Communication from Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee, USA.  In 2015, she had her first solo art exhibition in Monalisa Art Gallery, Pune, India, which was a great success.  

Noreen A I regularly takes commission (or custom-made) orders of artworks for select customers. She specializes in reproductions of impressionism artworks of artist like Claude Monet (1840-1926). She uses acrylic on canvas for best results for subjects ranging from landscapes to still life or abstracts. As per requirement of the customer, she does original composition or inspired ones from photographs.