About Nicole Mezher


Lebanese artist Nicole Mezher began her artistic career in 1998 under the wing of famous painter Fouad Tomb. She first studied the essential techniques of classical painting and drawing, reproducing for four years the works of great artist masters. She then started developing her own compositions and style with much success, leading to a first exhibition in 2004. She has since held multiple exhibitions every year in Lebanon, the Gulf and North America.

Mezher’s work is figurative, however depicted with much freedom in order to express her own feelings and interpretations of shapes and colors. Emotions are her starting point in her work, as she likes to “paint like she breathes, based on what she feels, while forgetting what she knows”. The result is an eclectic body of work which includes landscapes, elements of nature, as well as portraits, all of which carry the same expressive style that makes her unique mark.

Nicole Mezher paints and lives in Beirut (Lebanon), where she was born.