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Olivia Boa developed a new painting technique and style after she learned in shock that her 3rd child was born blind. The artist had planned to pass on her passion for painting to all her children. How would it be possible in these circumstances?

Olivia set to explore painting with a renewed focus on the true essence and meaning of each artwork by painting blindfolded. It enabled her to distance herself from the constant search of esthetic beauty that people seek. Unexpectedly, it freed her up.

The result is a collection of abstract paintings which are deep, sensitive, and expressive.

Limited editions: 

- Museum quality archival paper or high quality canvas
- Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery
- Mini: Open, numbered editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 75 editions
- Large: 30 editions
- Artist-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity 

Original artwork: 
- Acrylic on canvas
- 80 x 100 cm
- 2013
- Inquire to purchase original:

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