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Olivia Boa

Olivia Boa is a French painter living in Fribourg, Switzerland. She learned painting from the painter Yves Armani from the age of 10 and has been continuously painting since then. Olivia exhibits regularly on a worldwide basis, including the US, China, Hong-Kong, France, Italy, Belgium and many more countries. She has made a name for herself in the global art scene and has joined the select group of artists whose work sells at auctions.

She specializes in creating a series of artworks painted using similar techniques and designs such as the Pixel, Psychological Works, and Blind collections. The Pixel collection represents the contrast between the infinitely small of atoms and particles and the infinitely large of landscapes. The Psychological Works are drawn from her experience as a therapist. She depicts the feelings of the human soul. Her Blind collection was created when she discovered in shock that her 3rd child was blind. The Artist had planned to transmit her passion for paintings to her children; but how would that be possible to a blind child? The result is a colourful collection of art that depicts her mastery of different painting techniques while focusing on the true essence and meaning of each painting.