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Camel Race

Camel Race

Marco: In this fanciful whimsical piece some of Marco's lovable characters including Chet Carrot, Spacebot, Colette cupcake, Wurst Weenie, Ollie Octopus, and Pookaberry the Alien Baby are having a camel race just for fun!

Limited editions: 
- Museum quality archival paper or high quality canvas
- Limited edition, exclusive to MONDA Gallery
- Mini: Open, numbered editions
- Small: 150 editions
- Medium: 80 editions
- Large: 50 editions
- Extra large: 30 editions
- Super large: 15 editions
- Artist-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity for Small and above

Original artwork: 
- Acrylic on canvas
- 147 x 183 cm
- 2014
- Inquire to purchase original:

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