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Waleed Al Taleb

Waleed Al Taleb

As an artist, I am determined to always capture a unique shot from an angle that mesmerizes my audience. Travelling around the world and capturing the beauty of each place gave me a different insight of how photographs should be taken and always motivated me to give my snapshots life. Snap! A moment is captured forever still and saved for generations to see, whether it portrays a strong visual message, or simply an abstract composition. 

Years of hard-work and consistency allowed me to take pictures, paint paintings, and produce artwork that speaks to both me and others about the beauty that exists in different cultures. I've always imagined a photograph, a painting and an artwork to be like a jigsaw puzzle, where you have to find the countless pieces that fit together to create something visually spellbinding. 

Before I come to take any picture, start to paint or make a piece of artwork, I visualize that image in my mind. I start asking myself questions; what should this image include and what specific features would captivate and astonish my audience? In order to do this, I research and investigate the location, angle and timing for when each photograph has to be taken. When it comes to painting a piece, I always focus on the colors and the various techniques that would best represent that image. This in return helps me obtain creative and unique images that have never been seen before.

Photography and arts are a universal language and I believe this underlines the concept that a picture can speak a thousand words, to a thousand different people. I find this idea of global understanding deeply fascinating, and it is one reason among many which has propelled me towards the study and creation of photography and arts.

My devotion and attachment to photography and arts always pushes me to expand and enhance my techniques in various areas, and not just that, but it also motivates me to keep learning something new each and every single day.