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Wafa El Hilali

Wafa El Hilali is a French-Moroccan Artist. She was born in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, where she lived until the age of 21 before moving to London. She has built up a body of her own work over a 10 year period while working in London and Dubai. Throughout this period, she has maintained her passion for travel and creativity. Her work is informed by personal reflections and experiences from an array of places and situations.

Wafa primarily uses acrylics to create original abstract paintings full of movement and spontaneity. She is inspired by both people and nature, emotions and music; using colours to take you back to the essence of life with the four elements “Earth, Water, Air & Fire” transcending through her creations.

She chooses to often accompany her artworks with abstract poetry. Words and colours are both ways of expressions that Wafa uses and combines to invite the minds to travel, tell stories to the world and  welcome people into her own.

The Award winning Artist has participated in various group exhibitions in the Middle East where she recently inaugurated her first solo event.