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Vera Zikic

Vera Zikic Profile PictureVera was born in Croatia/Yugoslavia 60 years ago and, as a daughter of a career diplomat, she relocated to various countries over a period of 25 years. In 1991 she moved to the UAE with her family and has lived here ever since. Art was an intrinsic part of her life since her childhood, to the point that she completed the Art ‘O’ and the ‘A’ level exams and went on to attend the Foundation Course at Wimbledon School of Art in London. She went on to specialize and graduate in Linguistics & Literature and obtain her Masters. She spent her career years working in education and the corporate world, however, she continued to produce artwork.

I have always experienced art as an expression of special moments, emotions, memories and places captured at a certain moment in time. They are always moments of beauty, peace and positivity as that is exactly what our distressed world needs at this point in time. It is also my desire to share or convey those moments, and to draw in the viewer to experience his/her own thoughts and associations.

Drawing was my first interest, and after mastering it fully, I moved on to explore oil and soft pastels mediums. Currently, most of my production is oil on canvas.

List of past exhibitions:
  • 2006 - The 3rd National Exhibition for Plastic Arts (The Armed Forces Officers Club, AD)
  • 2019 - Fine Art Exhibition (Yas Mall ‘Urban Retreat’)