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Varsha Saju Nair

Varsha Saju NairVarsha Saju Nair, born on 27th June 2004 in Kerala, India, has been fascinated with colours and music ever since her childhood days. Her journey with colours started in 2016 and in a short span of time she has been gifted with opportunities to grow and learn from The UAE art community.

She always attends to her assignments with due vigour, skill, and enthusiasm - creating positive energy at all levels as she perseveres.

"Painting fills me with exuberance and immense positivity. Every time I apply my brush to the canvas I find a new way of expressing myself. When I paint nature, I try to apply all that I sense as good and pure into my art. Seeing my work, if someone realizes the beauty of nature and pledge to secure mother earth, that will be the best moment of my life.

I dream to make a mark in the world and to inculcate in people love and appreciation for all that we see around us. I strive for the same with my artistic pursuits. By keeping my latest success as the next benchmark I will proceed with exploring more avenues in the field of art and to be known as an artist inspired by wonders of nature."

List of past exhibitions:

  • The Student Art Exhibition in Dubai Cartoon Art Gallery in November 2017.
  • Painting exhibition titled “Le Miracle” @ The Workshop, Jumeirah in January 2018
  • A student art exhibition titled ” Bloom” @ Sofitel Hotel & resorts – The Palm, Dubai in May 2018

List of past and present galleries artist is working with:

  • Art 4 U Gallery
  • Cartoon Art Gallery

List of prizes and recognitions earned:

  • First place in the painting competition organized by Paws Trails @ Cartoon Art Gallery in 2107
  • Third place in the painting competition organized by Cartoon Art Gallery in 2017