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Tania Nasir

Tania Nasir Profile Pictue

An interior designer by degree. Have been passionate about painting since high school. Have done a diploma in miniature painting and being taught by proficient teachers in the same genre.

"Art is a form of meditation that takes your imagination where reality cannot. It makes one see the fifth side of a square and read between the lines. Colours make your soul breathe their own style. Art speaks where the words are unable to explain". This is my way of expression of art.

My project is the geometry of Islamic world used in different regions in different Islamic eras.  Islamic art is divided into three forms. One is geometry i.e. straight lines and compass. Second is biomorph or curved lines. Third is calligraphy Quran verses. Geometry is an ancient form of expression and is a way of getting perfection in forming curves as well named as biomorphic design in Islamic art. And the top tier is calligraphy which is God's lines used in the Holy book of Quran. All of the above three are used widely in the art of Islamic pattern. It brings you closer to nature where the symmetry tells you how it begins and how it tessellate."