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Simon Maarouf

Simon MaaroufSimon Maarouf is a Dubai based contemporary Syrian artist known for his pop art and hyper-realistic works. He was born in Damascus, Syria in 1985 and grew up within a large family in the mountains with a constant passion for the art scene. As a teenager, Simon was always fascinated and inspired by the history and beauty he could find in the old streets of Damascus. He started to draw and quickly realized that he had found his passion. 

Simon moved to Dubai in 2012 to stay with his older brother as. . . Show More >


Dubai Skyline - MONDA Gallery
Love Stories - MONDA Gallery
Untitled - MONDA Gallery
Untitled - MONDA Gallery
Audrey Bubble - MONDA Gallery
Audrey Bubble
From $680.00
Marilyn Can - MONDA Gallery
Marilyn Bubble - MONDA Gallery
Pimp the System - MONDA Gallery
Lipton Ice Tea Can - MONDA Gallery
Underwater - MONDA Gallery
China 1 - MONDA Gallery
China 1