Sheeba Khan

Sheeba Khan profile picture Sheeba Khan is a Dubai-based international artist. Her eclectic mix of vivid abstracts captures the vibrancy of her colorful childhood. Each of her deeply layered pieces embodies myriad stories, letting the beholder find a new interpretation with every fresh look. With audacious colors and passionate story-telling, she has garnered rave reviews from the art community across the world. Little wonder then that her work is now featured in the permanent collection of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in South Korea. Sheeba is currently represented in the US by a renowned art dealer/curator based in Montclair, New Jersey, and is actively seeking reputable galleries, museums and curators to represent her in Europe and Asia.

I am totally into abstract expressionism, and my art is a projection of my deepest thoughts. Every layer, every color, every intricate pattern mirrors how my mind works. I express myself in bright colors. I love doing conceptual art that has a deeper meaning and I have my own style. Partly because I am self-taught and haven't followed anyone. I just paint from within. When I begin, I have a broad concept but no clue how I would bring it to life. The pent-up, unused creativity that lay dormant for years just surfaces and controls my hand.”


List of past exhibitions:

World Art Dubai 2017
Solo exhibition at West Elm, Yas Mall Abu Dhabi (2017)
Solo Exhibition at West Elm Dubai Mall (2017)
Group show Mont Clair Art Walk, Montclair, New Jersey, U.S. A. (2018)
Solo exhibition at Fairmont Dubai (2018)
Global Exhibition ‘Love & Inspiration, South Korea (2018)
Group show “Show your best” at Cartoon Gallery (2018)