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Sarah Ginidy

Sarah Ginidy Profile Picture

Sarah Ginidy was born in Alexandria and raised in Dubai, she has graduated from faculty of law English department Alexandria university in 2009.

Studied fine art at the faculty of fine arts in Alexandria 

At age 4 she discovered her talent and she didn’t stop practicing painting till she started her artistic career in 2014, she is a fine artist and a designer who loves to express herself through oil colors.

Ginidy’s artwork has been featured in many national and international exhibitions.

Her first solo art exhibition was CHARMS at Al Sawy cultural wheel - Zamalek - Cairo in December 2017 as she exhibited 15 oil paintings about woman's power in all cultures. 

Also, she participated with two oil paintings in the group exhibition "Dialogue of cultures "representing Egypt in Seville - Spain among 15 artists from all the Arab countries and received a certificate of appreciation in July 2018.

She participated in the international Saudi group exhibition "Oriental colors" which was held at " Picasso east art gallery" in the fifth settlement  - Cairo and received a shield of appreciation from the Cultural Attache of the Saudi Embassy in January 2019.

Her third international participation the exhibition " Be Part" which was held  at Atelier Montez  - Rome - Italy ,  in September 2020 ,as she joined hundreds of artists from all the globe to produce   30 pieces of 10*10 cm canvas also this exhibition is scheduled to enter the Guinness records for being the largest exhibition in the world.

Eventually her last Solo exhibition " a fairy tale" was held at Alsawy cultural wheel - Zamalek - Cairo in December 2021 as she exhibited 11 figurative oil paintings .

Ginidy’s artwork has been collected locally and internationally, it explores a woman’s beauty in all its forms, she often creates work that is exciting and layered.

Artist statement

As an artist I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty of woman, it’s a way to tell a story and evoke a feeling. I utilize my brush to create imagery that is both real and surreal laced in fantasy, I also combine my memories and observances of my everyday surroundings.

The story continues to grow as I rely on my conscious and subconscious to invent and transfer those thoughts to the canvas.

The abstract technique in painting does not restrict my thoughts and gives me the freedom to express the beauty of women in all its forms through colors and brushstrokes.

List of past exhibitions:

  • CHARMS – Solo exhibition – December 2017 Cairo, Egypt
  • DIALOGUE OF CULTURES group exhibition – July 2018 – Seville Spain
  • ORIENTAL COLORS – group exhibition – January 2019 Cairo, Egypt
  • BE APART – group exhibition – upcoming September 2020 – Rome, Italy
  • A FAIRY TALE solo exhibition December 2021

    List of prizes and recognitions earned:

    • Certificate of appreciation from el centro cívico las sirenas – Seville, Spain
    • Shield of application from the Cultural Attache of the Saudi Embassy in Cairo, Egypt