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Sara Nimer / original paintings

Sara Nimer - MondaGallery.comSara Nimer is an Abstract Expressionist of Palestine origin, born and raised in Oman, now living and working in Dubai. Each one of her paintings is highly unique and requires a long gestation period for they are created in nature with the rain washing layer after layer of work and adding its own recognizable touches to Sara’s creations. Colors vary from vivid to dark in order to match the attempted subjects. Details and depth often appear infinite. Viewers as a result often find themselves absorbed by Sara’s creations as if transported to her own world.

Sara’s work is a reflection of her own journey as a freely educated, spiritual woman who embarked on a journey to analytically reconcile herself with spirituality and culture. In the process, she evokes her path, the conflicts and decision points her journey entailed, and the various states she achieved. She invites viewers to delve into their own personal identity, choose their own path and – like her – find peace in nature.

Painting in the rare and special moments when it rains in Dubai, Sara lays the canvas on the ground and immerses herself in nature's elements, which ignite her senses. “I found myself creating art not only in nature but with it. I found myself drawn and fascinated by nature's water element, inspired by the flow of liquid and the way it behaves. I feel one with nature, present at a moment in time. Surrounding myself with life gave me life, and a sense of belonging”.

Through the majestic representations of the special moments she finds herself in peace with nature, Sara invites us to experience the same for ourselves.

Sara majored in Graphic Communications and Illustration, before engaging in her own and very personal creative path for a long time, now finally sharing her work with us.


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