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Salah Shaheen

Salah ShaheenSalah Shaheen is a Jordanian artist who has been living in Dubai since 2005. Salah mixes traditional and modern methods in his artwork, starting from any regular materials like wood or cloth to more modern practices such as digital techniques. Salah draws and paints with a regular brush and various materials, then digitizes his work and further develops it with digital tools.

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Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth
Allah is Sufficient for us and He is our Guardian
God Forgive Me I
God Forgive Me I
From $40.57
God Forgive Me II
God is the Light of Skies and Earth
He Placed Between you Affection and Mercy
It is from Salomon I
It is from Salomon II
It is from Salomon
Prophet Muhammad Hadith
Put Between You Affection and Mercy
From $40.57