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Russ Kramer

Russ at Dubai Boatshow 2018Today, Russ Kramer is widely regarded to be among America’s leading marine artists. His large-scale studio paintings create ‘first-hand’ experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history’s greatest yacht races or turn-of-the-century luxury vessels. A sense of the dramatic moment, combined with meticulous research and attention to detail, have found considerable appeal and sell quickly into private and corporate collections. His works are unique and immediately recognizable, combining narrative, historical, figurative and maritime disciplines. Russ served as President of the. . . Show More >


The Tacking Duel - MONDA Gallery
A Million Dollar Breeze - MONDA Gallery
The Great Race - MONDA Gallery
The Joy of Sailing - MONDA Gallery
Annual Cruise of the New York Yacht Club, 1911 - MONDA Gallery
The Yachting Party - MONDA Gallery
The Fighting Forties - MONDA Gallery
WEATHERLY, 1962 - MONDA Gallery
Onboard Weetamoe 1930 - MONDA Gallery