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Rania Daou

Born in Rania Daou Profile PictureBeirut, Rania Daou comes from a very interesting and unique multicultural background with diverse ethnic roots which reflect in her art pieces.

From a very early age, Rania became fond of painting and drawing. Her main source of inspiration was her talented mother, who is a pianist with an unlimited passion for music and art. Other than being mainly a pianist, her mother plays many different musical instruments such as the Santoor (an Iranian Instrument), Guitar and violin, had also trained be a contralto singer, a professional Korean Folklore choreographer, and a cartoonist.
Her father had also a great impact on the evolvement of her creative mind, as she started becoming impressed by the manufacturing tools she could find in his factories (he owned a Plastic Raw material manufacturing business) and learnt a lot in industrial manual work.

Later in her art pieces and installations reflect the root of her fascination in using a various unusual mix of material in her paintings. Having lived in between Lebanon, Iran, Korea, amongst other countries, Rania has a vast knowledge of different cultures and a great eye of observation and understanding different emotions. All those are translated in her sublime paintings. She is born with a mind for creativity, and a brush of an artist. In 2002, she enrolled herself in Art Studies in the Beaux-­‐Arts Academy.

Rania Daou was selected by the UAE Ministry of Happiness to represent “Happiness”  through a canvas artwork in March 2018 (Part of Happiness journey, Carnaval Celebration, Year of Zayed 2018).

Rania Has M.A.I in Fine arts and is skilled in designing art programs.

She is a dedicated artist committed to establish a dynamic environment that highlights and stimulate creative expression in our artist.