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Nevine Meguid (Fine Art Prints)

Nevine Meguid Profile Picture

Nevine Meguid is an Egyptian-Australian residing in Dubai. She is a Graphic Designer by profession and a self-taught artist, inspired by Islamic art, Arabic calligraphy, and nature. Nevine enjoys using Alcohol inks on Yupo (synthetic paper). Her work has been exhibited in several groups and individual exhibitions in Sydney and in the Museum of Islamic Art, Melbourne, Australia. More recently, her work has been exhibited in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Expressions Art Exhibition; World Art Dubai 2018; Tales of Arabia (Fine Art Gallery); Abstractions (MONDA Gallery, Sofitel The Palm) and Abu Dhabi Hyatt (MONDA Gallery). Her latest piece ‘Gratitude’ has also been selected by the Noon Art Awards 2018, Sharjah.

Artist statement:

"I express the beauty of Islam in my art by using non-traditional, vibrant colours and Arabic calligraphy style with the unique mediums of alcohol inks, 100% isopropyl alcohol and sea salt on Yupo (Synthetic paper). Nature, words, and letters from the Qur’an along with God’s 99 descriptive attributes are key subjects in my work."

"With a Graphic Design background, I see each Arabic letter possessing many design principles. The design and beauty of each letter are honoured through my unconventional style of disconnected Arabic letters."

"Featuring gold or white letters, contrasting with abstract, vibrant alcohol inks with negative space, my objective is to inspire individuals to move away from the customary, gold and silver glittered Islamic calligraphy and turn towards a movement where original, modern Islamic art is produced with pride."

"My artwork is not designed to promote Islamic Ideology, rather it is to express the beauty of Islam and for the public both Muslim and non-Muslim, to fathom the peaceful and bright side of Islamic culture for its unique art."

List of past exhibitions:

  • Museum of Islamic Art, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Expressions Art Exhibition (Ahmadiya Heritage House, Dubai)
  • World Art Dubai 2018
  • Tales of Arabia (Fine Art Gallery, Dubai)
  • Abstractions (Monda Gallery, Sofitel The Palm Dubai)
  • Abu Dhabi Hyatt (Monda Gallery)
  • Noon Art Awards 2018, Sharjah
List of past and present galleries artist is working with:
  • Islamic Museum of Australia, Melbourne
  • Fine Art Gallery, Dubai
  • MONDA Gallery, Dubai

List of prizes and recognitions earned:

  • Selected to exhibit at the Australian Muslim Artists Exhibition
  • Selected for Noon Art Award 2018

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