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Neel Khudhar

Neel is a 17 years old Dubai based Iraqi artist.

"I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. Recently, I was honored to win Red Bull’s doodle competition, I was thrilled because I felt like it was the first competition I could truly be myself in and show what I’m really about. There was a 6-hour workshop where I learned various techniques and how to build ideas. It helped me better process my ideas and fully translate them on paper.

I also took part in a Ramadan exhibition run by FnDesigns in Alserkal Avenue, where all sales made would be considered donations. It was a very interesting experience and I met equally interesting artists. I learned more about these artists works and the procedure they went through to create what they did.

I think professionalism is related to executing the ideas required with skilled expertise and I aspire to be that person. 

I create art because it permits me to access a virtual reality. I doodle in my mind on the bus sometimes, transforming buildings and altering sidewalks. I envisage the hibernate creatures that vary from diminutive beings to cyclops and Titans, walking and trumping on the roads next to me.  It’s great to have my own makeshift world, when I feel like playing hooky from the humdrum civilian life."