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Neel Khudhar

Neel is a 17 years old Dubai based Iraqi artist.

"I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. Recently, I was honored to win Red Bull’s doodle competition, I was thrilled because I felt like it was the first competition I could truly be myself in and show what I’m really about. There was a 6-hour workshop where I learned various techniques and how to build ideas. It helped me better process my ideas and fully translate them on paper.

I also took part in a Ramadan exhibition run by FnDesigns in Alserkal Avenue, where all sales made would. . . Show More >


Radioactive Kanye - MONDA Gallery
An Adventure - MONDA Gallery
An Adventure
From $26.96
The Whale Conservatory - MONDA Gallery
A Parallel Universe - MONDA Gallery
The Deer Planetarium - MONDA Gallery
50 Famous People in History - MONDA Gallery
Gucci - MONDA Gallery
My Dubai - MONDA Gallery
My Dubai
From $26.96