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Nada Al Barazi

Nada Al Barazi Profile Picture

I'm an artist and I was enchanted by art since my childhood. I've been in love with creating since I was so young. What inspires me the most, as an artist, is to be able to create something and to be able to share that with other people as well. I love the process of creating something.

My objective is to show people my artwork and display my creativity.  Art is my life...My life is art......

List of past exhibitions:

I have participated in many events and exhibitions such as World Art Dubai, ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi, the Hotel show, the UAE National Day exhibition at the Antique Museum, Index Show and most recently Konooz Art Exhibition and Auction in London to name a few.

List of past and present galleries artist is working with:

Art+ Gallery, Al Riwaq Gallery, Studio 7 Gallery, Art4You Gallery, IRC Gallery, and so on.

List of prizes and recognitions earned:

I received several certifications and awards of appreciation and attendance for participating in exhibitions and events such as from Children Cancer Society, ADIHEX, World Art Dubai, Konooz Art Exhibition, Royal Central Hotel and all Central Hotels in UAE, and Carrousel Du Louvre at Louvre Museum, Paris, France.