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Murad Jawed

Murad Jawed Profile Picture

Murad Jawed is a contemporary realist oil painter who lives and works in Pune, India. A self-taught artist, he has been dabbling in colours for the better part of his life. Having experimented with various mediums and tools he developed a distinctive panache and keen liking for oil paints spread over the blank white canvas. A keen observer, he visualizes the beauty that is all around us all the time, in simple everyday things to the majestic awe-inspiring ones, in layers of colours and shades. As. . . Show More >


Dancing in the Sea Breeeze
Sunny Pasture
Untitled 1
Mother and Son
Rural Retreat
Swiss Meadow
A Cottage beside a Pond
Waiting for a Father and a Husband
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Long Wait
Old Man with a Lantern
Father and Son
Queen of the Seas
An Afternoon Dip
The Gangster
Mumbai Special Cutting
Mountain Road