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Andrew Moncur Brandy

Moncur comes from Cape Town, South Africa. He is a Self-taught Visual Artist/Painter and a deep-sea commercial diver. He has always been drawn to expressing himself through creativity, as if regardless of the choices he makes or paths he follows in his life, he will always somehow find himself with a paintbrush in hand, involuntarily pursuing a career in the visual arts. Moncur joined an artist collective in Woodstock, Cape Town in 2015 which kick-started his career as an artist and has since taken part in a handful of exhibitions in the area. He is stocked and listed with “G2 Art” and “Youngblood Africa - Art & Culture development” in Cape Town. Since moving to Switzerland in 2018, he has curated a number of his own exhibitions, continued to survive as a selling artist and has quickly gained local recognition as a hard-working artist who has every intention of being seen and heard.

"My influences in the subject matter come from a love for the natural world, having grown up surrounded by African wildlife, I am inspired by the rawness, the untamed beauty and the power of wild animals who's every day to day is a primal fight for survival, to eat and not be eaten. I strive always to combine this with the effect that we as humans have on them and their habitats. I find great satisfaction in portraying this connection through my own interpretation of modern “abstract realism”. My influences in style, however, come from my own world, from the grunge of the city streets, public signage, graffiti and street art, the artificial colours and lights that we see every day, our digital age of technology and our habitats of concrete in which we are so deeply immersed and by which we are so completely consumed."

List of Past Exhibitions:

  • Bright Open Studio Exhibition (SA)
  • d(RAW) @ 111 Loop (SA)
  • Youngblood First Thursday's (SA)
  • G2 Art First Thursday's (SA)
  • Art & Beer Pop up (CH)
  • Art & Wine Pop up (CH)
  • LEXcellence Champagne & Art (CH)

List of Past and Present Galleries Artist is Working with:

  • Youngblood Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
  • G2 Art Cape Town, South Africa