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Maria Marquez

Maria Marquez Profile Picture

Maria is a self-taught illustrator based in Dubai for 6 years, She has been into art since childhood but more as a hobby than a full-time profession, Maria has been fascinated at first with animation and fashion illustration and had developed a great interest on making creative illustration about women and what they do. She has been working mostly on paper with pencil and watercolours. She creates with subtle lines and colours.

She has always had multiple ideas on a particular subject, to express them, She is creating series of illustrations, Maria is excited with the thought that if these pieces would not be collected together, they would always be linked by her conceptualized ideas.

Now that she has been focusing more on professional artistry than doodling as a hobby, Maria has started to experiment on different mediums.

Maria does not have a complex creative process, as she has a day job, though, with limited time for artistry, her daily activities always give the inspiration to illustrate, so she has to put it on a note, just one word that depicts the idea. In her free time, she would go through all these jotted words and there would always one particular word from it that would make me start creating.

I create art without complex technicalities, it can be of simple lines, basic colours, or any medium, for me it is an expression, a feeling to be shared, it is always been amazing to achieve mutual understanding and appreciation on the idea I had when I created it.