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Lucie Panenkova

Lucie Liudmila Panenkova is a Russian artist who draws pen and ink compositions of various nature, often in plain black & white or with light colouring added. She was born in Moscow, Russia in 1986, and currently lives and works in Dubai, UAE.

Her expression method is based on the attraction of the audience’s attention to the details and switching on the individual's creative thinking. Lucy tries to study how perception works and find the visual symbols which could easily be associated with the daily senses and emotional states and subsequently memorised.

Keeping her personal anthropological insight on the modern “art de vivre”, taking into consideration the political and economic sensations, religious and ideological topics, Lucie concentrates on working out the "emotional alphabet" useful for all, above the national, cultural, educational and even gender factors; Lucy can identify her graphic style as "magical realism", designed to show other dimensions in which ordinary things may live.

"My art concept is based on applying to the individual emotional experience, both positive and negative ones. Throughout the centuries politics, economics, periods of the war and peace, revolutions and religious struggles, the innovation and technology discoveries affected the people lives just creating challenging survival circumstances, but they have never affected the emotional development of each personality from childhood till old age. Teenagers search for themselves, struggling for love and the right professional choices, existential crises of the mid ages and so on - the emotions capturing us are meant to make us all equal disregarding the national or religious or gender issues. The changes in the emotional experience are the true reason of the human evolution."

Lucie’s drawing was influenced by studying the engraving art techniques of Gustave Dore and Francisco Goya, her ideas are still largely focused on the nature of the goodness and evil in the mankind following Ieronim Bosch; her inspiration finds her studying the works of Rene Magritte, Edward Hopper, "metaphysical painting" of  Dali and Escher's imp-art.

Solo exhibitions

2015/July-“Transit point”, Central House of Artists, Moscow 

2016/December - 2017/January - "Emotional Alphabet", Citizen-E Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Group shows

2010/December- Student Art Fair, Artplay centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2011/February- Russian Art week, Russischen Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur, Berlin, Germany

2011/November- Martini Art Weekend (long-list granted), Red October Gallery, Moscow

2015/December- Art Gallery Kerala Lahthakala Akademi, Trivandrum, India 

2016/January-February – temporary exposition, Gallery 26, Nice, France

2016/May - Art Undressed 2016 Exhibition, Miami, USA

2016/May - Art Fair, Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, France

2016/July-August - temporary exposition, Two M Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2016/August - Summer collective show, Metanoia Gallery, Paris, France

2016/November - 2017 collaboration with Monda Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2016/December - 2017/January - "A single grain of rice" group show, Metanoia Gallery, Paris, France

2017/February - Liquid rooms - the Labyrinth, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy

2017/March - Sikka Art Fair, Bastakiya, Dubai, UAE

2017/April - "Proud expressions", Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2017/May-July - Art Souk, Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2017/May - "The Art for giving", FNDesigns Gallery, Dubai, UAE


2015/November-December- Art-Castle international program, Trivandrum, India


2016/April -winner emerging artist award, "Under 1.000 USD Wall" at World Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2016 – Camac residency, granted by Tenot Bursary Foundation, Marnay sur Seine, France (visit cancelled in regard to the employment)

2016/07 - featured as one of the "best works of July" by ICAC Art Critics (International Art Critics Confederation), London, UK

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