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Karina Brzostowski

Karina Brzostowski Profile Picture

Born in Poland, Karina Brzostowski was raised in France where she studied Art at University (BA Arts). She also spent many years in the U.K before relocating in Dubai with her partner.

Karina Brzostowski’s works tend to capture a moment in time, a place, a feeling or a memory. A theme central to her work is the idea of perception which is heavily influenced by expectations, experiences and moods. How she feels affects what she sees and as a consequence what and how she paints.

Karina Brzostowski’s latest series ‘Secret Garden’ is an introspective project that captures her relationship with her surroundings during lockdown. Karina has intuitively pushed boundaries to paint how she sees things through the lens of her emotions.

This project has been very well received so far and she got exposure from several magazines and art platforms. She was interviewed in the profile of the week in the American Frontrunner Magazine among others. Her latest exhibition was with the Vacant Museum Eat, sleep, (I can’t) breathe.

She is currently exhibiting in Jysk in Dubai and started a collaboration with Monda Gallery in Dubai.