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K Hiremath

Born in a small village in North Karnataka, India, Kudalayya Hiremath is ranked as one of the top 50 watercolour artists in the world. An Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune alumnus, Hiremath has chosen watercolour as his medium of expression. Portraits, landscapes and suggestive abstracts are his forte. He travels a lot to pick his subjects and draw inspiration for his paintings. His paintings are uncluttered which reflect clarity of thought and composition. His vibrant strokes have earned him several awards in various local and state-level competitions. These include award for watercolour painting in Pune Festival (2009), Qualification for the 2013. . . Show More >


Banaras 6
Banaras 7
Banaras at Night
Banaras Ghat 2
Banaras Ghat 3
Boat Banaras
Bull 1
Bull 2
Divine Place
Divine Place 2
Race 5
Race 6
Self Realization
Temple 2
Temple 3
Temple 4
Temple 5
Temple 6
Temple Gates
Temple Gates 2
Temple Gates 3