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Jesno Jackson

Jesno Jackson Profile Picture

Jesno is an Indian artist and art teacher based in Dubai who started painting at a very young age, initially capturing birds on paper with a pencil. She has been drawing and painting birds and animals ever since and developed from there a wide array of techniques and styles.

Her Music & Love collection brings two topics together which each carry a lot of sensitivity, offering us touching representations in a modern Indian art style that leaves no-one indifferent. Each painting naturally radiates the beauty of music and love around itself. The uniformity of colours throughout the collection makes it ideal to show two or three paintings together in a single home.

Although Jesno considers herself a self-taught artist, owing to a large amount of time spent painting in the last 20 years, she earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts on Painting and Drawing in 2006 and a Master in Creative Arts in 2008. She continues to explore new themes and approaches relentlessly, inspired by masters such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Having had the chance to exhibit frequently from a young age, she regularly organizes an exhibition of young talents as a way to encourage them and pass the baton.