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Jayendra Ramanjooloo

Jayendra "Jay" Ramanjooloo is a Dubai-based Nikon photographer originally from Mauritius Island. He started learning the basic controls of his D-SLR in January 2013. A fast learner and self-taught photographer, he has yet to attend a workshop or photography course and has mostly learned different techniques by watching videos online. He is most passionate about landscape photography. 

"My favourite moments to shoot landscapes and seascapes are the so-called Golden Hours. My job gives me the opportunity to travel the world every week and this gives me the chance to discover new spots for shooting. I try to take photos that are a fusion of dream and reality.”


- Winner of I AM HERE by Nikon (Oct 2013)

- Finalist for Heart Of Image and displayed during the exhibition by Nikon (Jan 2014)

- Finalist for Capture The Heart by Nikon (Jan 2014)

- Featured in Emaratalyoum Newspaper (April 2014)

- Featured in Le Mauricien Newspaper (April 2014)

- Featured as Meet The Nikon Photographer by Nikon (May 2014)

- One of the winners of Day & Night Competition by Gulf Photo Plus and exhibited in Dubai (June 2014)

- Finalist of I AM MOVEMENT by Nikon and displayed during an exhibition in Dubai (August 2014)

- Interviewed by Gulf Photo Plus and Photographer in Focus (Sep 2014)