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Igor Snigirev

Igor Snigirev was Born in 1983 in Votkinsk, Russia. I live and work in Izhevsk, Russia. Attended an art school, and later graduated from the Udmurt State University (Izhevsk) mastering in Fine Art.

I am mainly engaged in graphics, continuing to find and develop new creative ways in painting, decorative arts and illustration. Took part in more than 30 group exhibitions in Russia and held a personal exhibition in Izhevsk in 2010. Most of my work is realistic large-format portraits that also contain lines and colours. The quality, workmanship and detail are significant. The main subject of work is the characters and signs of popular culture. As I work, I try to delve deeply into the topic and explore, whether it's rock music from the vinyl era, actors from the 90s VHS action movies or international football legends. Everything that has influenced my generation.

List of past exhibitions:

  • 2004 «STEREOTYPES» museum UdSU.
  • 2007 «MONOCHROME» exhibition of contemporary art in Izhevsk.
  • 2007 «LEAVES YELLOW» Republican exhibition of youth Izhevsk.
  • 2007 Art - assembly «IZHEVSK ARSENAL», Izhevsk
  • 2008 «20 years YES» Anniversary exhibition of Artist of Russia and Udmurtia,
  • Izhevsk.
  • 2008 «PULSE» Republican exhibition of youth Izhevsk.
  • 2008 Art - assembly «IZHEVSK ARSENAL», Izhevsk.
  • 2008 «WANDERING SCROLLS» exhibition Hall of Artist Union of Tatarstan, Kazan.
  • 2010 «FOOTBALL ICONS» personal exhibition, Izhevsk.
  • 2011 «START-ART» Regional youth exhibition, Izhevsk.
  • 2012 « IZHEVSK ZAVOT» Museum of Contemporary Art «ERARTA», St.Peterburg.
  • 2012 «WHITE NIGHTS» Festival of contemporary art, Perm.
  • 2013 «MUZYAKA» organizer and participant of collective exhibitions, gallery «GRIFFIN», Izhevsk.
  • 2013 «IZHEVSK ZAVOT» gallery «STERKH», Surgut.
  • 2013 The participant and the winner of the All-Russian Youth Forum «SELIGER» in the direction of the visual arts.
  • 2013 «STREET ART» Festival of street art, Izhevsk.
  • 2014 «IZHEVSK! TIME TO CREATE» Youth Festival of Visual Arts.
  • 2015 «ART DRUGS» art exhibition in Izhevsk.
  • 2016 «VOICE OF IZHEVSK» exhibition of young artists in the «Museum of Izhevsk» and «Udmurt Republican Museum of fine arts», Izhevsk.
  • 2016 «VOICE OF IZHEVSK» special project of the Moscow international biennale of young art in the space CCI «Fabrika», Moscow.
  • 2018 «FACES» exhibition center «Gallery», Izhevsk.
  • 2018 «DAR» «Udmurt Republican Museum of fine arts» Izhevsk.
  • 2019 «Art-workshop XXI century. The nature of binary» mobile exhibition of the Creative Union of artists of Russia.