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Farah Al Dmour

Inspired by her Bedouin roots and her passion for authentic art, Farah Al-Dmour is a `Jordanian artist based in Dubai known for painting using coffee. She is able to achieve a dynamic yet refined piece of art using different shades of brown and incorporating a series of verses written in Arabic calligraphy that tunes in harmony into a uniquely told story. 

 “I draw inspiration from the past and spill it out onto the canvas in a pure Bedouin language that talks to people all around the world. I am very fond of the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and I express myself by carving the facial features of prominent figures of the past into a historical journey.”

 Farah is a self-taught artist who first found her passion for painting at the age of 10. She accidentally discovered coffee as an artistic tool when she accidentally spilt some on her canvas. Her first painting was of “Fariuz”, a renowned Lebanese artist, using the lyrics of her song. She continued with a series that includes Um Kulthoum, Abdul Halim Hafiz, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

 “While many wake up to coffee each morning, coffee awakens my art.”