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Emma Pathare

Emma Pathare

Emma Pathare is a painter working in oils. Her main focus is portraiture and her delight in this art form comes from the shapes and colours found in the human face, and the ever-changing relationship between picture, subject and viewer.

Her work has won prizes in group exhibitions in Dubai, been exhibited in London as part of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition and progressed to the second round of judging in the BP Portrait Award in the UK. 

Emma’s artistic emergence has been a journey inspired by the brilliant artists she has encountered along the way. She paints for the love of it and for private commissions. 

Originally from England, Emma has been based in Dubai for 15 years, where she works as a freelance writer and painter.

Portrait commissions

Emma Pathare undertakes portrait commissions, working from photos that she takes during one initial live sitting or working from a complete series of live sittings (this is unusual due to the high demand on the sitter’s time). On request, commissions can be completed from a client’s photos taken previously. 

Working in oils with multiple layers of underpainting involves lengthy drying time. For this reason, commissions are usually completed in 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the painting.  

For more information, please contact us at info@MondaGallery.com or +971.