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Dana Naser

Dana NaserDana Naser is a Canadian Jordanian abstract expressionist living in Dubai. Her paintings tell the story of her personal journey to discover her identity as an artist. She takes her inspiration from day to day experiences and emotions turning them into physical expressions and visualizations with constantly changing colours and shapes. Dana is captivated by the colours she can create, and strives to construct an entire world on her canvas, relishing in the freedom to design multicoloured emotional forms within her unique work of art. 

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A Leap of Faith - MONDA Gallery
1,000 Miles - MONDA Gallery
In Conversation - MONDA Gallery
HOPE in Courage - MONDA Gallery
HOPE in Promise - MONDA Gallery
HOPE in Trust - MONDA Gallery
Sea Breeze - MONDA Gallery
Sea Breeze
Baggage - MONDA Gallery
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Hours of Darkness - MONDA Gallery
Silver Rain - MONDA Gallery
Silver Rain
High Rise - MONDA Gallery
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High Rise

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Rusty Ambition - MONDA Gallery
Red - MONDA Gallery
Uplifting Babble - MONDA Gallery
Cherished - MONDA Gallery
Abandoned - MONDA Gallery
The Plague - MONDA Gallery
The Plague