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Cristina Baekkelund

Cristina BaekkelundOriginally from Denmark, Cristina has lived a nomadic life for 16 years now in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She is currently living in Dubai where the unique culture and landscape has inspired her imagery.

As a contemporary abstract artist, her instinctive paintings are created by means of a multi-layered technique which underpins the juxtaposition of depth and transparency; the obvious and obscure; the inner monologue and external expression.

At their core, Cristina’s paintings are about transforming an emotional concept into its visual equivalent.

“Inspiration comes to me from a myriad of sources; my surroundings past and present, nature, sentences in books, the rollercoaster of life… overall, I find that I tend to paint from emotions more than anything else – and that every single painting is layered with some form of emotional content.

​I would like for my paintings to have the effect of a pause button. To have a presence on the walls of people’s homes. To captivate the attention of the viewer long enough to inspire curiosity and joy of the moment. In our busy lives, we spend more time planning for the future than actually being present in the present. We rarely press pause.”