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Chetan Katigar

I was born at Hubli in Karnataka in India, In childhood, drawing was my favorite subject than others, after my formal education, I pursued mechanical engineer also but I wanted  to see myself an artist in forecast so I embarked in this field to fulfill my dream thus  my artistic career began at P.a. institute in Surat since 2007.

Human life, animal, nature is my inspiration. As I see some artistic subject anywhere like couple, flute sellers, toy sellers and worshipper I feel zealous to paint them on canvas. Sometimes his own creativity inspires him to do more creativity.

I used to make figurative Indian contemporary art and use character of eighteen century in my artwork, as well as make combine of human face and mask. The combination of human mask and face are distinctive part of artwork, I consider that everyone has worn mask to conceal their reality front of people, commonly its comes out in needy time.

Eventually experience of my life has molded perfect out look and structure of paintings

List of past exhibitions:

  • Solo show of paintings in Mojarto online virtual art fair - Aug 2020
  • Indian art festival, New Delhi - Nov 2018
  • Kolkata Centre of Creativity - Sep 2019
  • Ardizen art gallery, new Delhi- sep.2019
  • Abanindranath Tagore art gallery, Kolkata - 2018
  • Online auction by best collage art - January, October.2018
  • Nehru center art gallery (Kala art Sapndan art festival)
  • Mumbai, 2017
  • Art hub, Mumbai - 2016
  • Gold souk mall, Gurgaon - Nov 2015
  • Christina art gallery, Delhi 2015
  • Dc art gallery, Delhi 2015
  • Gold souk  mall, Gurgaon, May  2015
  • Gold souk  mall ,Gurgaon, June  2015
  • Chemould art gallery , Kolkata 2014
  • Birla art and culture gallery, Kolkata 2014
  • Emami chisel  art gallery, Kolkata - 2013
  • State art gallery of fine art in Hyderabad (2013)
  • Indian habitate center (Delhi 2013)
  • Genesis art gallerie  (Bangalore) 2013
  • Online group exhibition directory artist.net - 2012
  • Southey art gallery - 2011
  • City science center, Surat (2011)
  • Renaissance gallery, Bangalore (2010)
  • Lalit kala academy (Gujarat state)(2010)
  • Guj.kala prathisthan (2009)