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Cecile Delikouras / original paintings

Cecile Delikouras picture

Cecile Delikouras is a French artist focusing her work on celebrating mankind’s diversity, history, and greatness. One new canvas at a time, she explores and researches a new topic, and creates a new piece which is for her nothing but a tool to communicate with others, enriching her body of work – and herself – in the process.  

One of Cecile’s favourite subject is architecture, for it exemplifies numerous past achievements of men. Cecile however also regularly represents nudes, a type of work which. . . Show More >


Faith - MONDA Gallery
Heartbeat - MONDA Gallery
Who I Am - MONDA Gallery
Who I Am
My North, My Guide, My Loss
Flagship (sold) - MONDA Gallery
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Flagship (sold)

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Engraved Wounds - MONDA Gallery
The Mechanics of the Time
The Magic of Klimt
The Mechanics of Thoughts
You are the Half Part of Me
Cotton Heart
When I Grow Up
The Weight of Time
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Louvre Abu Dhabi - MONDA Gallery