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Cecile Delikouras / fine art prints

Cecile Delikouras picture

Cecile Delikouras is a French artist focusing her work on celebrating mankind’s diversity, history, and greatness. One new canvas at a time, she explores and researches a new topic, and creates a new piece which is for her nothing but a tool to communicate with others, enriching her body of work – and herself – in the process.

One of Cecile’s favourite subject is architecture, for it exemplifies numerous past achievements of men. Cecile however also regularly represents nudes, a type of work which does not require research and let her instead focus on the act of painting itself, its aesthetics and magnificence, without the research work she otherwise conducts.

Cecile paints mixed media on canvas in a style which is very unique to her: whether her subject is contemporary or older, her style using a predominantly ocher based colour is intended to turn her works into ancient relics which have lived through the history of times. With defined contours and text or mathematical formulas written on the canvas itself to reinforce the message of her paintings, her works appear all at the same time to the eye sophisticated and light, ancient and modern, and always engaging.

From a personal perspective, the artist finds great creative pleasure in her work where imagination plays a significant role. She shares with us her own way of looking at history, where positives are voluntarily exacerbated, and negatives voluntarily occulted.

A writer turned self-taught artist, Cecile has found in painting her best way to challenge and build herself, share, communicate, and grow, for her pleasure and ours.

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