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Caty Cordahi

Caty Cordahi offers a collection of inviting and pleasing works. By showing expressionist representations which are full of local individuals from Oman and the UAE, easily recognized from their local attire, Caty generates in the viewers' mind a series of questions pertaining to the identity and diversity of the local populations and the relationship between local and expatriate populations.

At the outset, Caty simply aimed at immortalizing common and touristic photos into a piece of art. To achieve this, she decided to incorporate some of her pictures (of people, landscapes, and urban views) into her canvases, and build expressionism around and over them. Many of her paintings of Oman and the UAE work therefore in layers, with selected photos underneath colours, shades, and textures.

A French artist now residing in Oman, Caty Cordahi attended Fine Art classes from 1993 to 1998. She was also studying in an expressionism studio (ATEXFO) during the same period. After extensive practice in the years that followed and relocation to Oman more recently, Caty decided to translate her perception of her new host region onto the canvas.


List of past exhibitions:

Muscat, Oman

March/April 2017: Personal exhibition in the French Omani cultural center.

October 2016: City Seasons Hotel Muscat

From June 2016: Al Madina art Gallery

Dubai, UAE

September 2014: Personal exhibition in Alliance Française gallery

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2012: Personal exhibition in Lotus compound


1994: Show of artistic creation – Chinon (France)

1997: Personal exhibition– Paris

1998 to 2000: Art & Creation market (all Sundays in Montparnasse)– Paris

1998: Salon d’Automne de la Peinture Contemporaine – Paris

1998: Public sales of contemporary art in Hôtel des Ventes de DrouotParis

1998: Exhibition in Galerie Matignon - Paris

1999: Exhibition in Galerie l’Area – Paris


1994: Art & Creation market – Trott’art – Bruxelles


1997: Personal exhibition – Freiburg

2000: Personal exhibition (Colors from Paris) in Galerie in der Freibank – Fürth

2000: Exhibition in the head office of Siemens (Mécénat)

United Kingdom

2003: Personal exhibition in private art studio - London