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Carla Denisa

Carla Denisa

Romanian based and was born in 1986. She studied and worked in the tourism industry, in her country and in Dubai - Burj Al Arab.

Carla started painting at the age of 32, she finished a short Mandala painting course and she is aspiring to achieve more knowledge about the Mandala symbolistic and meanings and about the powerful positive energy it can bring into any space, or into any mind that sees it.

Carla Denisa' Mandalas are aiming to illustrate both the beauty and the meaningful complications of life, through colour combinations and shape intersections.

With sympathy for symmetry, some desire to paint had been there for a while but suddenly started painting in a wonderful moment of her existence, when a new life began inside... That soul has gone later on, but Carla Denisa continued painting colourful dots, just the way life and nature are in her eyes.

Until age 32 she considered herself with no talent in drawing, today feeling happiness and gratefulness for releasing self-judgment and enjoys living with the new artistic side that inundated from "nowhere".

It is well known that a Mandala not only brings balance and mindfulness to the artist while painting it dot by dot, but also brings harmony to the viewer because energy flows through all their shapes and colours.