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Buswaripa Profile Picture

Born in Odisha, India, Biswarupa is a design graduate from NIFT Delhi and holds a Masters from IED, Milan. After working in the fashion industry for fifteen years, she decided to pursue her true calling, ART. 

Biswarupa draws inspiration from the diversity of nature and culture that surrounds her. She aims to touch the viewer’s soul and inspire a sense of happiness and bliss through her artwork. Using the vibrancy of colours, textures, complexity of layers and strength of her lines, she tells a unique story with each artwork. 

As a kid, she started painting with her poet father’s ink and mother’s aaltaa ( A red liquid that women in Eastern India apply on their feet as adornment and as a sign of fertility, femininity, and prosperity)  and dreamt of becoming a poet one day...However, instead of a pen, she picked up the brush.  Ever since her art has been an endeavour to write visual poetry.

Artist statement:

'Lines' are the lifeline of my art. They are the footprints of my mind which are in search of something unknown. They bathe in ink and at times want to play in the puddle of paints creating undulating textures as well as illusions of them. Often these lines end up creating faces and figures of unknown people, mostly women... Biswarupa’s art is a continuous process of exploring the feminine in 'Nature', around as well as within.

List of past exhibitions:

  • 2019 - Tolerance, a group show organized by 2XL  furniture and home décor, Dubai
  • 2019 - Taana Baana, Group show at Grand Hotel, Sunnyvale, California
  • 2019 - World art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre
  • 2019 - Group show at SIKKA  2019 in collaboration with Sandscape Dubai, Dubai
  • 2019 - Art Dubai, Gallery 76, in collaboration with the Dubai International Art Centre.
  • 2019 - First Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, Lalit Kala Akademi, Bhubaneswar, India
  • 2018 - Integrating cultures, Group exhibition of illustrations at the Dubai Design District.
  • 2018 - Genesis-18, group art show at AIFACS, All India Fine arts and Crafts society, New Delhi
  • 2018 - Celebrating Ramadan- Group art show at Dubai International art Centre, DIAC
  • 2018 - ‘Ramadanization’ – Juried art show at DUCTAC, Dubai
  • 2018 - World Art Dubai in collaboration with Palette art gallery, Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • 2018 - Art Dubai, Gallery 76,  in collaboration with the Dubai International Art Centre.
  • 2018 - International watercolour society, UAE  Happiness in UAE watercolour festival
  • 2017 - Share and Care group exhibition, Bastakiya, Dubai
  • 2017- “The water that crosses the oceans’. A travelling exhibition in Brazil, India, Italy, and the UAE.
  • 2017 - International watercolour Society, Indonesia
  • 2017 - The Hotel Show, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai
  • 2017 - juried Ramadan Show, The Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre
  • 2017 - Women in Art, Group art exhibition at the Art Hub Dubai, Dubai Design District
  • 2017 - World art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre
  • 2016 - 61st Members exhibition, Dubai International Art Center
  • 2016 - Ramadan group exhibition, Dubai International Art Center
  • 2015 - Dubai international art center 60th group exhibition
  • 2015 - Adda, Indian Story, Goa, India
  • 2015 - Dubai international Art Center  Ramadan Exhibition.
  • 2015 - Dubai International art center Annual member’s exhibition.
  • 2014 - Looking is not seeing, Juried  Portrait group exhibition at the Dubai ladies club, Dubai.
  • 2013 - Open exhibition, Jam Jar, Dubai
  • 2013 - Adda, Indian Story, Goa, India
  • 1993 - 1996 Various Group exhibitions in Odisha, India

List of past and present galleries artist is working with:

  • Indian story Goa, India

List of prizes and recognitions earned:

  • 1990 - Lalit Kala Academy Award for Fine Arts, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 1998 - Fractal Painter illustration  award, Spectrum-Nift, New Delhi
  • 2000 - Coca-Cola designer of the year award for fashion design.