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Atul Shinde

Atul Shinde Profile Picture

In his home-based studio huddled in Marina, Dubai, Atul Shinde with his incomparable brushstroke, endorses his love for paintings, that exude the presence of his subjects. His preferred area of expertise is horses and abstract paintings. He loves to spend time to understand the finer details of his subjects and get truly inspired. On his canvases, one or more horses are highlighted by a shade of light and contemporary inspiration. Their flamboyant personality and their expressiveness are his inexhaustible source of inspiration. He tries to capture their eyes, their own personality, and their complicity, and to translate all the emotions they can awaken in horse lovers.

His creation and masterpieces are an outcome of a long period of consideration and exploration followed by a very intense and spontaneous production period. 

Active on social media where he displays his most recent works, his current paintings are reflections on his art and his subjects, which helps him get in touch with his ever-growing audience of horse lovers and art lovers.