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Arpita Kar

Arpita was born in Agartala, in the North-East of India, and currently lives in Calcutta where she has been a full time practising artist since 2009. Previously an art student at Kala Bhavan Santiniketan, Visva Bharati, she has exhibited her work regularly in India since 2007, and in Bangkok in 2011.

“Through my art, I want to show the current problems of our surroundings, nature & societies, such as those created by the transition from joint families to nuclear families, and the spread of urban life over the natural environment, causing the extinction of species day after day.”

“I realize that although we are today very advanced technologically, we are not able to prevent natural disasters. I think that we should understand and respect nature’s power and maintain natural harmony in our environment.”

Arpita often depicts Buddha in her creations to convey the need for peace and harmony in the midst of the problems she highlights. She uses bright colours which appeal to popular tastes.