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Annabelle Smith Bigno

Annabelle Smith Bigno

Born and raised in Scotland of French and Scottish parents, Annabelle has lived, painted and exhibited work in Oman, Venezuela, France, the US and the UAE from 2001 to 2018.

3 years study at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas allowed her to further skills in inks, watercolor and acrylics and led to shows held at Canal Street Gallery, in the Glassell perimeter, at the Watercolor Society of Houston, in Skyline Art Services as well as in various smaller venues. In France in 2014-2015 she presented her first solo show and participated in a group show in Pau.

Since arriving in the UAE three years ago, she has exhibited several times in Etihad Modern Art Gallery, in the National Theatre, Dubai International Art Centre, the Club Gallery, Reflections Gallery, UR Art Gallery, at the Fairmont Hotel and at the Kempinski Hotel in Ajman. She paints in her studio and at the National Theatre where she also gives workshops.

In her art she likes to play with that fine line between abstract and figurative. Just to portray a form on canvas is not enough – she is interested in how the subject fuses and interplays with its context. In her paintings the subject matter is entwined into its universe, there is no real separation.

She uses collage and texture to capture and re-diffuse the flow of pigments which are sprayed on or applied with a large brush. Colors sift and merge together in a dance of color and form. Overlapping washes transverse threads, letters or texture. From there, the focal point emerges, totally connected with its surroundings. It is an art form which never sits still.