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Ajith Gopinathan

Ajith GopinathanAjith Gopinathan is an award-winning photo artist born in India and currently based in Dubai.
The urge to create the story of a dream using the visual media has made him take up the camera to communicate. His pursuit of regenerative images has taken him around most of Europe and Asia whenever time permits from his work schedule.
His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere infuses his portfolio with a sense of the epic, majestic and the bold.
“The way in which a photographer can magnify or re-interpret ”reality” has always fascinated me, and my images may not be honest in their truthfulness. But it will tell you what I see and just like Mozart’s symphony speaks to its listeners, a Rembrandt’s painting speaks and connects to its viewers, I too do with my photographs, seeking the creation of an emotional response.”